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Have you ever been taken to the police station just because you greeted someone? A Japanese guy tried to conduct an experiment on the reaction for a simple greeting. And it seems it was a big hit on the internet. XD I tried my best to come with the most accurate translation. Hope you’ll like the article as I did. Have fun reading!~~ *0*

There may be some mistranslated parts here and there but I still tried my best to stick to the article. Since I wasn’t sure of the translation of two sentences, I colored them. XD It would be great if someone would help me out. Thanks. ~~

For those who want to read the original pages:
Original article
Original blog entry

Everytime you greet someone, you’ll have more friends. Shocking Experimental Results

After the earthquake, AC’s commercial which appears in most of the CM slots has become the talk of the town. Among the many versions of the CM, the one which has the frequently heard theme song “Ta-no-shi—na-kama-ga–” ends with the phrase “Everytime you greet someone, you’ll have more friends”. But someone decided to try it out by asking the question “If you put it into practice, will you really have more friends?” and put his report in his personal blog. The shocking results became a serious topic after they were released on the internet. In respond to that entry, 45000 tweets were sent only in 3 days. Also, the owner of the blog stated that his blog ranked number 1 in FC2 Blog Ranking on April 13th.

It all started with the entry entitled “Is that advertisement telling the truth?” which was posted in the personal blog “I’m stupid. – Howling at the moon-” on April 12th. The owner of the blog came up with the half-quibble question “Everytime you greet someone, will you really have more friends?” and set up a rule in which he would greet the person who will pass before him”. He later posted the results of the experiment.

According to the entry:

First person, an old man

Second person, an old man

Third person, a housewife

With a heartbreaking start like this, the blog owner continued to greet for nearly one hour. The first person who greeted him was a policeman who took him to the police station right away. After he explained the situation, the policeman warned him by saying “It isn’t a bad thing but stop acting suspicious. Do your best in your ordinary life.”

After the entry was tweeted, raving tweets (as below) kept on coming one after another. Even now, more and more people continue to retweet it.

“He has done an experiment everyone was thinking of!”
“This is awful. XDDD”
“The experimental results are very amusing.”
“This article rocks. XDDDD”

As a reply to those who posed a question asking if it is true or not on twitter and other social networks, the blog owner emphasized that it actually happened by saying “Originally I was thinking of using jargon in a slow pace in this blog. I wouldn’t write any lies.” In his entry “Everyone, thank you Usagi*!!”, he expressed his gratitude with the words “Thanks for accessing to my site many times”

* In the original entry, he says “みんなありがとウサギ!!” which is referring to the original commercial. In the CM, lots of animals show up and say their greetings adding their Japanese names at the end. In this sentence, the rabbit ends the sentence with Usagi which means “rabbit” in Japanese. Here is the video for those who are interested. XD


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[DRAMA CD] Omukae Desu.


Original Title: お迎えです。
Mangaka: TANAKA Meca (田中メカ)
Release Date: 2001/06/22

1. Opening オープニング
2. Gokuraku Yukemuri Ryojou Hen Episode 1 極楽湯けむり旅情編エピソード 1
3. Kanwakyuudai (Sono 1) 閑話休題(その1)
4. Gokuraku Yukemuri Ryojou Hen Episode 2 極楽湯けむり旅情編エピソード 2
5. Kanwakyuudai (Sono 2) 閑話休題(その2)
6. Gokuraku Yukemuri Ryojou Hen Episode 3 極楽湯けむり旅情編エピソード 3
7. Kanwakyuudai (Sono 3) 閑話休題(その3)
8. Gokuraku Yukemuri Ryojou Hen Episode 4 極楽湯けむり旅情編エピソード 4
9. Kanwakyuudai (Sono 4) 閑話休題(その4)
10. Tsutsumi Madoka-shi no Futsuu na Hannichi – Chikyuu Bouei Fuumi – 堤円氏の普通な半日~地球防衛風味~
11. Ending エンディング

Tsutsumi Madoka – Ishida Akira
Nabeshima – Okiayu Ryoutarou
Yuzuko – Minami Omi
Aguma Sachi – Yukino Satsuki
市橋 – Suyama Akio
馬場ジイ – Ogata Kenichi
卓球部部長 – Iwata Mitsuo
Ogawa Chisato – Hisakawa Aya
Tsuda – Itou Kentarou
Girl 1 – Namiki Noriko
Girl 2 – Maekawa Yuuko

Info on the manga: Manga-Updates
Download Link: Album (only cover)

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[Lyric Translation] TRAX – Find The Way


Buried in the town in which the commotion overflows
I even lost the sight of a sparkle
I met you in the middle of the rough wind
I finally understood the meaning of the days I got hurt
In the form of shattered dreams
Let’s pile up one by one

Find the way If you’re with me
New miracles are bound to happen
If we control our hearts
Only one bond that won’t be loosened
will be born

From now on, we would surely face difficulties again
At those times you could get hurt in my hands
When you turn around, you would be welcomed with a warm smile
That alone how many times it could be, I’ll go through darkness

When people find something precious
They pass over the reality. (*)

Find the way even the pain
becomes a proof that you are living
Taking the shining wind through your fingers
The only thing I protect
is your constant love

Our overlapping desires
delineates the future

Find the way If you’re with me
New miracles are bound to happen
If we control our hearts
Only one bond that won’t be loosened…
Only one bond that won’t waver will be born


You could find the romaji and the kanji lyrics here.

Since I’m new to translation, I may have made some mistakes throughout the lyrics. If you have any corrections, feel free to note down. ^_^

(*) I asked my friend about this part. She said it would mean overcoming the harshness of the reality. (現実の大変さを乗り越えていく)

壁にぶつかる: 行き詰くこと。乗り越えられる問題に当たって超える過程によく使われます。

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[DRAMA CD] Zettai Kareshi – Figure na Darling


Original Title: 絶対彼氏。フィギュアなDARLING
WATASE Yuu (渡瀬悠宇)
Release Date: 2004/08/25

1. Act.1 Figure Na Darling フィギュアなダーリン
2. Act.2 Suki na Ko 好きなコ
3. Act.3 KISS
4. Act.4 Moto Kano 元カノ
5. Act.5 RETURN
6. Bonus Track – Gaku Namikiri no TV Shopping ボーナストラック ガク・ナミキリのテレビショッピング

Izawa Riiko – Kobayashi Sanae
Tenjou Night – Suzumura Kenichi
Asamoto Soushi – Sakurai Takahiro
Gaku Namikiri – Okiayu Ryoutarou
ムヤイ – Nakata Kazuhiro
英美 – Asakawa Yuu
友人 – Waragai Asami, Gotou Mai
配達員 – Harada Masao
ホスト – Hatano Wataru

Info on the manga: Manga-Updates
Download Link: Album (with pictures)

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[DRAMA CD] Skip Beat!


Original Title: スキップ・ビート!
NAKAMURA Yoshiki (仲村佳樹)
Release Date: 2002/09/26

1. Kenage Shoujo Kyouko 健気少女・キョーコ
2. Soshite Hako wa Akerareta そして箱は開けられた
3. Tsukaretara Saigo 憑かれたら最後
4. Debut e no Michi デビューへの道
5. Hakunetsu no Audition 白熱のオーディション
6. Kaketeru Kimochi 欠けてる気持ち
7. Omake-Lory Takarada no Karei Naru Nichijou- おまけ~ローリィ宝田の華麗なる日常

Mogami Kyouko – Nagasawa Miki
Fuwa Shoutarou – Kanna Nobutoshi
Tsuruga Ren – Narita Ken
Takarada Lory – Ginga Banjou
Sawarada Takenori – Kouno Tomoyuki
Kotonami Kanae – Tagami Yukiko
祥子(尚のマネージャー) – Sugimoto Yuu
Daruma-ya Couple – Iwasaki Masami, Nagahama Mariko
尚の母 – Shigematsu Tomo
TV司会者 – Shimozaki Hiroshi
オーディション司会者 – Shingaki Tarusuke
受付嬢 – Suzuki Mahiru

Info on the manga: Manga-Updates
Note: This Drama CD covers the first volume (chapters 1-5). There are 7 tracks in total but all tracks are in a single mp3 file.
Download Link: Album (with pictures)

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[DRAMA CD] Saiunkoku Monogatari Dai 2 kan Ougon no Yakusoku


Original Title: 彩雲国物語 第二巻 黄金の約束
YUKINO Sai (雪乃紗衣)
Artist: YURA Kairi (由羅カイリ)
Release Date: 2005/12/22

CD 1 First Part -【前編】
1. Joshou – 序章
2. Chapter 01. Ikidaore Teitakuma Otoko 第一章 行き倒れていたクマ男
3. Chapter 02. Fushigi Ippai no Soto Asa 第二章 不思議いっぱいの外朝
4. Chapter 03. Onigiri ni Komerareta Aijou 第三章 おにぎりに込められた愛情
5. Chapter 04. Ousama no Yobai Keikaku 第四章 王様の夜這い計画
CD 2 Latter Part -【後編】
1. Chapter 05. Kishousho Kamen wo Hazusu 第五章 黄尚書、仮面を外す
2. Chapter 06. Minna Sorotte Otomari? 第六章 みんな揃ってお泊り?
3. Chapter 07. Gekitou? Ooiri Youchi 第七章 激闘? 大入り夜討ち
4. Chapter 08. Yakusoku no Iro wa 第八章 約束の色は
5. Shuushou – 終章

秀麗 – Kuwashima Houko
劉輝 – Seki Tomokazu
静蘭 – Midorikawa Hikaru
絳攸 – Hiyama Nobuyuki
楸瑛 – Morikawa Toshiyuki
邵可 – Ikeda Shuuichi
燕青 – Fujiwara Keiji
黄奇人 – Hayami Shou
黎深 – Inoue Kazuhiko
霄太師 – Shibata Hidekatsu
茶太保 – Maruyama Eiji
翔琳 – Asano Mayumi
曜春 – Kobayashi Yumiko
柚梨 – Miyamoto Mitsuru
珠翠 – Yuya Atsuko
葉棕庚 – Fujimoto Yuzuru
重臣 –  Hirano Toshitaka, Souya Shigenori
張婦人 – Horikoshi Mami
門番 – Oohara Takashi

Info on the manga: Manga-Updates
Note: LaLa Zenpure
Download Link: Album (with pictures)

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[DRAMA CD] Saiunkoku Monogatari Aki no Yonaga ni…


Original Title: 彩雲国物語スペシャルCD 『秋の夜長に…』
YUKINO Sai (雪乃紗衣)
Artist: YURA Kairi (由羅カイリ)
Release Date: 2005- The end of July

1. Drama
2. Freetalk

Shi Ryuuki – Seki Tomokazu
静蘭 – Midorikawa Hikaru
李絳攸 – Hiyama Nobuyuki
藍楸瑛 – Morikawa Toshiyuki

Info on the manga: Manga-Updates
Note: Fresh Beans Party / Beans Bunko Zenpure CD
Download Link: Album (with pictures)

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[DRAMA CD] Nemuri Hime Age


Original Title: 眠り姫Age

Mangaka: OOYA Kazumi (おおや和美)

Release Date: 1997/01/01


1.  Drama Stage #1
2. Drama Stage #2
3. Drama Stage #3
4. Drama Stage #4
5. Drama Stage #5
6. Drama Stage #6
7. Drama Stage #7
8. Drama Stage #8
9. Music #1 Canary カナリア
10. Ooya’s Message


? – Kingetsu Mami

? – Hayami Shou
? – Seki Tomokazu
? – Iwao Junko
? – Morikubo Shoutarou
? – Iwanaga Tetsuya
? – Tomizawa Michie
? – Yasui Kunihiko

Info on the manga: Manga-Updates

Note: Seperate Volume Shoujo Comics CD Book (Nemuri Hime Age) – 別冊少女コミックCDブック[眠り姫Age] –

Translation: This is the CD version of “Nemuri Hime Age” drama which was aired in the radio program “Iwao Junko’s Shoujo Comics Night” of Nippon Cultural Broadcasting. The exclusive original song “Canary” which is sang by Kingetsu Mami and the bonus talk of the mangaka Ooya Kazumi can all be found in the CD Book. Coloured illustrations are also included.

Download Link: Album (with pictures)

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[DRAMA CD] Merupuri (Puripuri CD PACK)


Original Title: ぷりぷりCD-PACK
HINO Matsuri (樋野まつり)
Release Date: 2003/05

1. Chouhen Drama – [Oujisama-tachi ga Yatte Kita]
長編ドラマ~「王子様たちがやってきた」 (Track01-09)
2. Omake – Hotondo Genjitsu ni Atta Yume no Hanashi おまけ~「ほとんど現実にあった夢の話」

Hoshina Airi – Orikasa Fumiko
Aram アラム (child) – Kaida Yuki
Aram アラム (adult) – Midorikawa Hikaru
Jael and 係員B – Kishio Daisuke
マルル・女子生徒 – Kogure Ema
Ray – Sasaki Nozomu
仲央路・係員A – Kisaichi Atsushi
平田林・ピカレンジャー1 – Fukuyama Jun
平田林の彼女・女優・ピカレンジャー2 – Imai Asami
司会者・ピカレンジャーナレーションの声 – Watanabe Hideo
男優・敵キャラ – Kinoshita Naoki

Info on the manga: Manga-Updates
Note: LaLa Zenpure
Download Link: Album (with pictures)

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Original Title: マース
SOURYOU Fuyumi (惣領冬実)
Release Date: 2000/12/20

1. Encounter
2. Kiss
3. Bike
4. Bracelet
5. Twin
6. Race

Asou Kira – Kuwashima Houko
Kashino Rei – Morikubo Shoutarou
Kashino Sei / ? – Ishida Akira
Kida Tatsuya – Nojima Kenji
Sugihara Harumi – Masuda Yuki
Katayama Akitaka – Sonobe Keiichi
Katayama Kyouko – Hikami Kyouko
Kira’s Mother – Taneda Ayako
Yoshioka Sensei – Seki Toshihiko
Homeroom Teacher – Ookawa Tooru


Info on the manga: Manga-Updates
Download Link: Album (with pictures)

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