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Engrish on the Cover of Fashion Magazines

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Engrish has invaded the covers of Fashion magazines this time.

Rebound Episode 05 = You’re Cool & Clear Woman : Woaaaah the woman shines. XDD They put up a photo of an average looking gaijin again. XD Aren’t there any cool looking foreign models who live in Japan?

Rebound Episode 06 = Black for Your Beautiful : White for Your Ugly? For all those fashion followers out there, here is a tip for you. If your ugly is getting uglier, you gotta wear white. (I wanna correct these sentences so badly. Yappari Engrish is so hard to deal with. XDD)

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Engrish never dies XD

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Another post related to Engrish. I keep coming across websites full of Engrish every day. I feel like I have to take screenshots of those to post in my blog. Not to mention, I have lots of other stuff I gotta post here. (sigh)

The first “Engrish” is from the movie “Kanna-san Daiseikou Desu”. I have to say I had fun watching it. I’m glad they didn’t try to make Yamada Yuu ugly and then beautiful. The transitions between her old and current self were combined correctly. The old times were shown in animation-like scenes and they avoided showing her face. I guess that helped the audience to focus more on Yamada Yuu.

If we were to talk about the screenshot, the catchphrase at the top reads “The clothes I want to wear when I become a beauty”. Everything seems ok until now. But then what is it! “Dedut” waves to us. xD This brand named Kanna was supposed to be making its debut with the help of this advertisement but it seems like it made its “dedut”.

My friend sent me the following screenshot. It is from Gundam. (I don’t know which Gundam since there are like a thousand Gundam versions out there. XD)

To Hayato Kobayashi

It was nice to see you again. Do you know how many years have passed since I saw you last? How’s your wife FRAU BAW and kids? They save should be happy with you. I wish I were you.

Captain Quattre, he is a CHAR. He should be becoming the leader but is satisfied with being mere soldier. I really don’t like his attitude of escaping from reality.

So I don’t want to be with him. I am going to gather the information T.

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Kaichou wa Maidsama – Engrish

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(Episode 11)
If you need INFOMATION, you have to check this board. (I typed three times “information”. Sometimes knowing the correct word isn’t good. XD I wonder how they could miss that r. There has to be someone who knows English in the animation company. T_T)

(Episode 11)
I took that screenshot thinking it is cute. But as I read what is written, I came to realization that this could be none other than an advertisement of a dental clinic. 大原歯科 is Oohara Shika which means Oohara Dentistry. When I made a search for 大原歯科, http://www.ouhara-shika.jp/ showed up. XD But the thing is the operating hours doesn’t match with that clinic. Did I think so much into it? ^^”’

(Episode 14)

Who wants a cup of EARL GLAY tea? It is a special tea which glays (whatever that means) in the dark. XDD I guess it’s another blend especially made for anime. 😀

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Engrish *0*

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Here I am with more Engrish goodies. *0* Enjoy. XD

Taken from Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Episode 4. Gallary FTW! XD

Taken from a Sailor Moon Episode. Somebody has to check the level of the English teacher who has prepared this paper. XD Really, it is even related to nanpa. You could find more information on Nanpa here. (Once you visit the page, you’ll understand what I mean. lool)

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