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W no Higeki (Japanese TV Movie)

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As I have neglected watching Japanese dramas for some time, I decided to resume on watching. For that reason, I chose tv movies. 😀 They are short. Besides it is also nice to see that the number of my planned series decreasing. (I still keep adding though. ^^”) I watched 6 jikan go ni kimi wa shinu which translates to “You will die in 6 hours” yesterday. As a fan of supernatural stuff, it was a good watch. And today I decided to watch W no Higeki. There are several version of it as it is adapted from a novel by Natsuki Shizuko.

———SPOILER ——–


I feel like there is a connection between Mako and the doctor. They seem like the perfect murder “buddies”. The reason why Mako has invited Harumi could be that she wanted to have a witness who is not blood related in the murder scene. I still have no idea how the old man was killed though. There must have been someone who was not present in the living room at the time of the murder. Then again, he might have been killed way before or even poisoned. Mako going down the stairs with a knife in her hand and saying that she killed her grandfather is just so suspicious.  It is as if they just wanted to trick people into thinking that idea. Most of the crime investigations are misled with words or illusions anyways.

Time to go watch the rest. XD

(close to the end)

What?! T_T I failed this time. I have to watch more Mr. Poirot stuff. XD But she looked so suspicious. She smirked here and there.

But really, what was with that hugging scene? It looks so out of place. lool Think of a scene where two characters hug eachother as the camera revolves around them. Spice up the scene with some dramatic soap opera music. There, you have the hugging scene. XDD The man who was talking big and proud of the murder he has committed looks like a little puppy left in the rain. Just when I thought like this, I realized that Yoshie stabbed him. But really, why did he let her hug him just because she said she loves him? Just before that, he was saying that he married her for the sake of the money. Did he get emotional in a minute or something?

Michihiko: I did it! I’m a proud killer.

– Yoshie tells how much she loves him. Then they hug eachother.

Yoshie: I’m happy. We have a great background music.
Michihiko: Mom. Where are you? I’m helpless.

Yoshie: Mission completed! Yoshie: I killed the killer. I am the winner.

Okay. I watched till the end. Harumi breaks up with her boyfriend in a second, gets her belongings and goes out. Then she gets tired of carrying all the stuff and throws everything. She climbs up the stairs and the tv movie ends. x.x Did the director wanted to show how fast she could climb up the stairs? If he did, it was so stupid. lol

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Potpourri 1

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Everyone seems to be busy with work… Excluding Jang Geun Seok who was trying hard to eat his pizza. xDD (Hong Gil Dong – Behind the Scenes)

Missing number 4. This is how far a superstition could go. ^^” Well some Western countries have their number 13 trauma and some asian countries have their number 4 phobia. (My Girl (kdrama) – ep12)

Celine Dion would be surprised if she has seen that her song made it into an anime scene. xDD (Kare Kano – ep23)

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Skip Beat! TW Drama Trailer

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Only a photo isn’t enough, right? Here is the trailer of the long-awaited Skip Beat! Taiwanese drama. *0*

KYAAAAAA I wanna watch it!!! (webmistress lost control xD)


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A Glimpse at Skip Beat!

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I have found a new photo taken in the set of Skip Beat! TW drama. *0* Thanks to the photo, I am in pain. XD I have been waiting for this drama for a long time already but seeing the hint of this funny scene, I wanna watch it right now!! (Oh my god, I had my Skip Beat! crisis again. XD)

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Himono Onna is back! *0*

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It was such a shock to me when I first came across this in mdl’s main page. @0@ The first season dates back to 2007 so I guess most people were surprised with this continuation popping out of nowhere after 3 years. But I’m glad they came up with a second season. With this, we will get to see more of Ahomiya. *0*

I gotta say, the cover for the second season is also great. XD Himono onna in a wedding dress holding a can of beer. 😀 That’s the himono onna spirit! XDDD

You could check these links for more information.


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Upcoming Drama Adaptations

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Taiwanese drama adaptations could be seen as the cause of all this adaptation chain. Before, we could mostly watch an adaptation by Japan, Taiwan or Korea. But as time went by, we were given different options to watch the same stories with small changes. The upcoming season won’t be anything different. We will be embraced with new drama adaptations. Some of them have already been verified. The following are some of the news I have gathered from several websites.

Itazura na Kiss – Korean Drama Adaptation – Playful Kiss (장난스런 키스)
Director: Hwang In-roi (Goong)
Scriptwriter: Go Eun-nim (Bungee Jumping of Our Own 2001-movie)
Cast: It isn’t decided yet.

It is planned to begin being filmed in July and start airing in Fall 2010.

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince – Taiwanese Drama Adaptation –
Cast: Ariel Lin as Go Eun Chan

Only Ariel’s part seems to be confirmed for now. @@ We’ll see who will star along her.

Skip Beat! – Taiwanese Drama Adaptation – Extravagant Challenge (華麗的挑戰)
Director: Niu Cheng Ze
Cast: Ariel Lin as Kyouko (Of course they’ll come up with a Chinese name. Well close an eye to it for the time being. XD)

I have to say, I was waiting for this drama for ages. T_T I’m glad they decided to pick it up again. *0* At first, Jerry Yan was chosen to play the role of Ren. (Before him, there was Joe Cheng. I’m glad it isn’t Joe Cheng either. They have to be open to different pairings. They can’t keep making a hundred dramas with the same couple, right? :X) According to some rumours, the main open casting could be filled with Super Junior’s Donghae and Siwon.

Donghae                                              Siwon

I can’t wait to watch these adaptations. *0* (Especially Skip Beat!)

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