How To Do?

P: You tried to delete the empty folders in FileZilla but you couldn’t.
Go to this web based FTP Client (I recommend and try to connect to your FTP account from that page. You could delete them now. *_*

P: You have Japanese support installed in your computer but you can’t type the narrowed katakana.
After you type the word you want (for example: わたし), press F8. わたし changes into ワタシ.

P: I want to watch NHK from Keyhole but I can’t find it.
  S: Log into Keyhole. Type 総合 into the search box. A channel will show up in the list.
When you double click on that channel, it will ask you for the password. Type “NHK” and
press enter. You could check the TV schedules from the following sites. TV Guide = On TV Japan = Yahoo! (All in Japanese)

P: You want to get Japanese files using WinMX but you can’t read the names.
1) Create an empty text file within your downloads folder.
2) Give it a name, with an .avi extension (assuming the file you are downloading is a .avi).
3) Search for the file that you want to download that contains Japanese text, right click on it and hit “resume from”..
4) Select your newly created file, and hit Open..
5) Then download.
(Delivered from Animefantasia)