Could you tell about yourself?
I’m just another girl who loves manga, anime, bishies, music and asian entertainment. Currently I’m taking Japanese classes and editing in some scanlation groups. I love to learn new things. That’s why,
I decided to take the challenge to make a php based website. (Even though Zero-kun helped me the most. *_*)  Drawing is also one of the activities I could never let go in my entire life. I love meeting new people who share the same interests as I do. (So that we could fangirl and stuff. XDD) You are welcome to leave messages. ^_^

Why did you make this website?
Good question. Firstly, I love bishies. Who could resist to hot bishies, right? XD Secondly, I realized that Drama CDs aren’t known as much as mangas and there are so few websites related to it. Not to mention, they are mostly focused on one single title. In order to gather drama cds in one spot and create a website which would reflect my interests, I started making this website.

What does “hayal” mean? Why did you choose that name?
After deciding on the subject my website will be aimed at, I started thinking of a good name suitable for it. While I was trying hard to find an interesting Japanese name, Cheechama said it would be the best to choose a Turkish word (since I’m Turkish XD) At that time, I thought of “hayal” which means imagination in Turkish. (Arabic also has the same word as Khayal.)

When did you start making the website?
I announced the opening of the site on the 23th of April, 2007. (Wow, it has been two years. Time sure flies fast. @@) The layout you see is the third layout.

Which programs and scripts did you use while making this website?
Layout :
I used Photoshop to make the layout. The hot bishie in the header is from the manga “Barajou no Kiss” drawn by SHOUOTO Aya. The bridge in the background of the bishie is taken from here. The brushes used in the website (The truth is I don’t know which one I have used so I’ll write down the ones I have downloaded to make the layout. XD) are :
23 Brushes for Photoshop by yumedust
Abstract Brushes by megatron-fx
Nebulae Brushes by Sunira
IceCracks Fractal Brushes Set1 by Icecrack
Cloud Brushes by JavierZhX
Winter Breeze Brushes by Axeraider70
Grunge Brushes +moved+ by Kelzky13
PHOTOSHOP BRUSHES : waves by darkmercy
Sparklies Photoshop Brushes by *redheadstock
Trees Photoshop Brushes by *redheadstock
Flames Fire Photoshop Brushes by *redheadstock
brushes 02 :: whirls by yozakura
brushes by Moondustdreams
This website is created in Expression Web 2. From time to time, I had to try different variations of the codes in order to achieve what I want. (I feel like I got the hang of the css little by little. XD) But I gotta say, most of the site is done in WYSIWYG style. The other scripts and programs that are used to make this website are :
WordPress – News Management System
Cbox – Tagboard
FC2 Counter – Counter
PHP Contact Form
Dynamic Drive – It has lots of scripts for websites.
– Image Thumbnail Viewer Script – Gallery Script
– Pop-it menu
Feedburner – used for RSS
http://validator.w3.org/feed/ – site to check RSS site

Who would you like to thank?
Without your help, I wouldn’t be able to make this website. I’m so lucky to have known you. Love you, guys. *0* -huggles-
Cheechama – She is so generous that she allowed me use the website. Cheechama, u rock!*0* Daishuki!
Zero – He is the genius who helped me overcome the coding and php problems. Thank you, Zero. *0*
Kai – The space you gave me in your ftp is sure a lifesaver. I’ll try my best to make my site as good as yours. <3
Merachan, Kazechan and Ayachan – Thanks for your comments on the layout and the site. Merachan, the bishies you recommended will sure take their places in the site. ;D *huggles*

One of the links isn’t working. What should I do?
I’ll be glad if you send me a message related to it via shoutbox or “Contact Me” form. I’ll try to fix it as soon as possible. ^_^

Wasn’t the URL of your site http://hayal.himechama.com? Why did you change it?
Yup, it was like that but the website provider sent an email saying that they have moved the site to another server. Somehow I couldn’t make the site work in the same name. Currently the best solution seems to be sticking to http://www.bishicafe.net XD

Anything you want to add?
The only thing I want is a simple “thank you” since it takes a lot of time to find, download, search information on the net about the titles, romanize the names for easier view and upload. I’m always happy to see ty messages. ^o^

Other Notes
All Asian names used in this website are in Surname, First name form.

I have no right over the drama cds, mangas and pictures I have used in my site unless stated. I’m serving them for viewing purposes only. If you love the works, please buy them and support the creators. *_*