[DRAMA CD] 7 SEEDS 3. Haru no Shou

Original Title: 7 SEEDS 3. Haru no Shou (7SEEDS (-セブンシーズ-) 3.春の章)
Tamura Yumi (田村由美)
Release Date: 2004/05/21

1. Haru no Shou 1.Part “Hana” – 春の章 第1話 「花」
2. Haru no Shou 2.Part “Hoshi” – 春の章 第2話 「星」
3. Haru no Shou 3.Part “Otorei” – 春の章 第3話 「音霊」

? – Yukino Satsuki
? – Hoshi Souichirou
? – Okiayu Ryoutarou
? – Oosawa Chiaki
? – Kobayashi Yumiko

Info on the manga: Manga-Updates
Download Link: Album (no pictures)

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3 thoughts on “[DRAMA CD] 7 SEEDS 3. Haru no Shou

  1. mustela

    I was so happy when I found this drama cd. I liked the first cd very much 🙂 But there is no link…

  2. admin Post author

    Hey there ^_^
    I ‘m glad you liked my site. :3 I have uploaded it but somehow forgot to link it in the site. ^^” You could download it now. As for the other 7 Seeds drama cds, I remember downloading the other two. I’ll check and see if I could upload them soon. If you have any other requests, feel free to message me anytime. ^^

  3. Ircha

    Thank you very much!!! Because of you I read manga 7 Seeds and now I can listen Drama CD!! I really like Drama CD!

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