[MANGA] Kirai (Miura Noriko)

Original Title: Kirai
Miura Noriko (三浦実子)
Year: 1998
Scanlated by: Hakairei (Yahoo GroupWordPress)
I want to thank miki_rei for letting me host her releases in my site. You could visit her WordPress page for the newer chapters. ^_^
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volume 01
: c01c02c03c04c05c06c07
volume 02: c08c09c10
volume 03: c11c12c13c14
volume 04: c15c16c17c18
volume 05: c19c20c21c22c23c24
volume 06: c25c26c27c28c29c30

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  1. Vally

    I really like this manga, thanks for hosting the chapters since I prefer to download them than reading them online! =D

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