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Believing is Magic?

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Stories about psychics have always fascinated me. I guess I just love the possibility to be amazed by the new discovery that will be placed before you. As I was looking for movies to watch, I stumbled upon this 2012 movie named “Red Lights“. It tells the story of two scientists who are running experiments on the possibly-psychic people to prick their bubbles. Robert DeNiro happens to be the most powerful psychic everyone acknowledges. As the story progresses, you start to have mixed thoughts as to what is real. Just a reminder, though. Once you have watched the whole movie, be sure to rewatch the theater scene once again. That’s when everything falls into place.

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Got Experience?

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Today I realized that I started to hate the word “experience”. Whenever I check a job advertisement, I am welcomed with that ugly word. It all comes to this: You may have graduated from a good university, got great marks from language exams and even got good marks back in your school days. Still that won’t change the fact that you will be named as nothing  if you have no experience.

It gets even worse when your friends keep asking you about the progress of your job search. Dear friends, you may be asking out of concern but it just adds to your friend’s “uncertainity”. Imagine having to reply the same question to thousands of people. It doesn’t sound nice, does it? :3

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My Very Own Soliloquy

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Recently, I am in a reading mood which, I believe, was all thanks to my lack of reading all these years. It’s true I have read some books and a great deal of school books but I realized that I was lacking greatly in some parts which I have never thought of before. You may say, reading a Jane Austen book would surely make someone feel like they are lacking. All that archaic usage and words which are not likely used anymore. But I think, even the old language, let it be in use or not, still help us enchance our knowledge of not only literature but also history. You may be amazed to see the evolution of a word over the years and be thrilled to discover the origin which will change your point of view on that word forever.

If I were to give an example; we have the word “mizansen” in Turkish which would always make me think of “mizah” which means humour. I guess that is because of the similarity they bear in writing. A while ago, I found out that it comes from the French word (or should I say phrase) “mise en scène”. All these years, I thought it was only one word but I was mistaken.

It’s just that we never realize our deficiencies as we ought to. What does a deficiency mean anyways if you don’t see it as one?

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Day Eight: The Day After the Earthquake

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We are going home hopefully. My mom is so worried and honestly even though we are not effected a lot here but it is still scary. The sudden shakes, sirens, and announcer on speaker that I can hear from this high building makes me feel like I`m living within an Evangelion movie ;p

So today we went out with Kenji, our savior from yesterday. yesterday we went to a japanese restaurant with him, and when he learned that we are leaving already he brought in some sweets (cream puffs, and some strawberry thing), its so sweet of him! So we went and sat with him in a coffee shop and later went to Chuo Dori to check out shops but everything was closed already because of the jishen. At night, miyaka and i went to a manga cafe he pointed out for us on our way to chuo dori, and its so much fun! but also, the earth shook while we were there which made me a bit scared. its like japan is great and everything is perfect but the natural disaster going on changes all that, so its safer and more calming to get back home safely inshalla.

Tomorrow we are going to go to the airport and fly to abudhabi and then to kuwait inshalla. Pray for us please! -hugs all- minna suki<3

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Day Seven: Need a Break, EARTHQUAKE!

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Todays morning plan:

Slept early and woke up late yet I still feel so sluggish.. Skipping today`s Odaiba plan. Please pray for some genkiness to get inside me T3T I went to have breakfast at a PAN shop. Had croquette (super duper YUMMEH), a corn filled bread `cause i like corn, a chibi lemon flavored  donatsu (didn`t continue it lol), and cafe latte. Afterwards, shopped a bit at Plaza shop that is also in the basement of our hotel. Soon we will be going to Harajuku!

What really happened soon:
So we were on our way heading to Harajuku on the JR Yamanote train when the train stopped at Shinagawa station and suddenly the train started shaking!! A couple standing in front of us ran outside the densha and hugged each other. We were so confused what was happening! Then one of the people who were on the train went outside and told us to go outside too! We followed her outside only to feel the earth shaking and signs and lights that were hanging from the ceiling were shaking as well! Everybody was waiting in the station, whether inside the train or outside. Everything calmed down, we were trying to listen to the announcer but it was all in Japanese. We went back to sit in the densha to see lots of people checking their phones. Soon we asked a young salary man that was near us what is going on. He said that there is an Earthquake and we should exit the train now. We stood outside. Whenever the announcer said anything the man would translate to us. He told us that its rare that an Earthquake would happen in Tokyo, an Earthquake this big that is! Then we moved from right outside the densha to going inside the underground subway. The Japanese guy was with two of his kaisha colleagues (one old bald guy, and another guy), he checks with them and with us every little while. Then we asked him if its better to stay in the station or leave. He asked where we are leaving to? We replied we are originally heading to Harajuku but now we want to go to our hotel so we were asking which is better, waiting in the station or outside. He wasnt sure as both seemed reasonable. Then another earthquake shook us and we put our bags on our heads. We were waiting some more. So they told us to evacuate the station and so many people all left together.  Outside we asked that guy about taxis and he told us to follow him we walked to many locations and all taxis are full. So we walked some more towards bus stations and such and still they are not headed towards Shinbashi station.

Ahhh its still shaking and im in the hotel … scary…
pray for us please…

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Day Six: Disney Sea

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Woke up late. Had breakfast. Went slowly to Disney Sea.

Again not as I expected.

Its so crowded even though its not a weekend. So many couples, students, children, adults, etc.. The decoration was spectacular. Thats good for taking pictures. The rides are more than sucky. Nope, didnt ride anything. They are all so childish. The only one that we discovered in the end when it was too late wasnt even that worth it really. But on the other hand, the positive hand that is. There were two fun shows/musicals that we went to: Little Mermaid and Aladdin. They both didnt stick to the original story but still were awesome.

Little Mermaid had us all seated in a circle where the show was in the middle and Ariel flies around infront of us along with her pals. The story has no prince and they shortened it to have a moral that you can be happy anywhere you are ^v~ no need to change to human Arial! I enjoyed listening to the music as they stuck to the original soundtrack, however the conversations are in Japanese. Ursula was my favorite. She was a big mechanical head that sang Poor Unfortunate Souls and had tenticals all around us dancing. Anyhoo, it was successful!

As for Aladdin, the show was actually about the Genie and a side story with a magician and a little boy called Qassim. The show was in 3D and was a lot of fun as well xD

The rest of the time we spent buying stuff in gift shops. I got a mickey hat, a genie jacket, along with stuff for my nieces (#=#)

I have to say Japanese kids are so so so so cute!! I must adopt them!!

Also, there is this bear they are obsessed with in Japan disney land called Duffy!! Everybody`s buying his products (teddy bear everything). And during lunch there was a show with Mickey and his pals along with their newest tomodachi: DUFFY!

I wonder if thats only in Japan? XD

Anyhoo, i had onigiri that I got before and it was goodie and also a melted hershies icecream ;p for now im gonna go to sleep as im not so great in my mood lol I dunno if its biological or me not meeting my Disney expectations xD expectations suck! I just hope tomorrow in Odaiba it doesn`t suck that bad..

Thanks for reading x3 hugunagu

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Day Five: Utsunomiya Movix Theatre

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Today was the otaku day that actually worked out AWESOMELY!
Fangirls moohy and mika went all the way to Utsunomiya by Shinkansen from Tokyo Station (went there by JR Yamanote Line). Surprisingly we reached there super fast and enjoyed a meal of bento taken from the station in the last four minutes before our train would leave. Oishikata desu! XD

When we reached there we went to FDK bus that transfers passengers to the FDK Shopping Mall for free! Movix is right next to FDK Shopping Mall. We are awesome for making it all happen so easily LOL.

Over there we were really early as it was 3:45 and our Miku Concert broadcast in the cinema is at 7:00. So! I wanted to go to GANTZ movie YAY and we did from 4:40-7:00 pm. To kill the time before the movie and concert we shopped at CLOVER shop, and bought cute stuff including a really adorable teddy bear kyaa<3

Afterwards, I got popcorn (half caramel and half salt) and Lemon Fanta, Japanese are so cute. They serve it on an orange tray that is divided to hold drinks and for other items and is taken inside the cinema. The movie GANTZ was soooooo good! I love the idea, production, motion picture, and the actors themselves. Before entering the movie, I didn`t think Ninomiya fits the role as he isn`t good looking in my opinion (although he is so popular and everywhere with Arashi band products in stores XD). But now I really like his acting! My favorite actor was the one playing Kato, famous for acting as L in death note i believe. He has pretty lips and his character is so noble and heroic XD Its funny that the main character (ninomiya) lacks these heroic qualities. Also the main heroin likes Kato and not the Kurono (Ninomiya). Anyways I would recommend it! The manga however is full of ecchi scenes so I`m glad that the movie has limited the ecchiness and nudity and showed the AWESOME story! So that was the great movie very satisfying experience that I had.

Next we went to the Hatsune Miku concert also in another movie screen right after the our movie ended. We had to go out and get the free items (tote bag, and neon lumica light to wave in the concert). It was so much fun. We were sitting in the second row on the very left of the theatre watching the live broadcast on the cinema screen. Its fun to wave around the lumica light with the songs! And cheering wohoo at the end of every song XD Im not a big vocaloid fan, but thanks to mika I already learned many songs before coming to the concert XD I changed my mind about miku being annoying and not cute, she really is adorable! Also, my favorite Rin and Len did many songs and they rocked! Its good to watch it from the theatre rather than going to Zepp Tokyo in Odaiba even though the live audience and experience is exciting, but standing up all the time and seeing the concert from an angle may be a bit troublesome. At 9:30 the concerted ended and mika and I ran towards the bus stop to reach the final bus that takes us back to Utsunomiya Station. While waiting for the bus stop, we took a picture with a Miku cosplayer! She was the first cosplayer that we say (that wasnt lolita or maid). YAY! So on the way back, we rode the shinkansen with lots of salarymen on reserved train seats. Before that I had a hot coffee from the vending machine, such a nice feeling to get warm drinks from a vending machine XD

Since we reached our hotel at around 12 oclock, we had to buy dinner from the FamilyMart conbini. After searching for Buta-free meals, I got pasta (that i ate while typing this entry ;p) and ichigo milku along (drinking in progress) with a fish onigiri and hershies ice cream!

Today was successful alhamdulillah! Hope tomorrow is the same. Ashita is Disney Sea day! We must wake up early, ganbaremasu (still so wide awake ;p). Mata ashita ne!!

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Day Four: Akihabara Otaku Heaven?

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I woke up at 6:30~7:00 and had the usual breakfast: cornflakes with milk, eggs, and orange juice. We talked to the concierge for confirming shinkansen tickets for tomorrow and asked about Disney Land and last densha information.

At 9:35, we were wearing sporty clothes ready to go to Akiba (only my friend and I).
In short, it sucked! It is not as I imagined at all. Only very popular moe character items are sold and I think a better selection would be found online. Also the shops were small and crowded including the big buildings that consisted of multiple floors.

Im not sure if its my mood or my feet that are killing me but my experience of Akihabara is very poor both anime-wise and electronic devices-wise. The only fun part was the part we went to a maid cafe. At first it was weird for me, but after the icecream arrived and the maids playing games with us it was pretty fun. surprisingly there are so many girls like us or couples and stuff not so many loser otaku.

Anyhoo, Im gonna eat a subway sandwich and rest as what I dreamt of in years about Akiba turned out to be so much less than my expectations -dramatic-

Tomorrow is the Hatsune Miku broadcast concert in a far away place from here called Utsunomiya.  Will be my first time on the Shinkansen! I`ll listen to music in the shinkansen ( * *) Thank god not much walking in tomorrows plan inshalla!! Hope you all are having a great time hugunagu

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Day Three: Traditional Asakusa First Densha Experience!

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Today I woke up around 8 am and guess what? It was snowing! Its my first time witnessing live snow falling down from the sky. According to the concierge lady it is rare for it to snow in Tokyo, I consider myself lucky XD Needless to say, it was extremely cold so I put on lots of layers of clothes and a coat to boot. Got out my Barcelona umbrella and strolled down in Shimbashi station area (right outside of our hotel) in this lovely weather XD First we checked out in Shiodome City Center a shop that had conbini items and make up products as well; got lemon pudding that should be drunk (O.O)

Then I had delicious mocha latte from blendz to go ( I was late for breakfast and had the same food as yesterday needed coffee to warm me up and keep me awake till now hehe! )

After enjoying the weather it was almost time to pray so we prayed and went off to experience our first time on the Japanese densha! A kind lady showed us how simple it is to get tickets electronically from the ticket machines, and it is so easy! After getting the ticket and inserting it in the electronic entrance we didnt know that we needed to pick up the ticket after we left. You see, the ticket lets you pass when you leave a station and you use it again when you arrive the destination. I feel like Sawako from Kimi Ni Todoke experiencing my first times today ;P

Asakusa was great! Beginning from the entrance (Kaminarimon), and followed by the many little shops in Nakamise street, finally ending in the Sensoji Temple. We were relatively late, enjoyed our time in the tiny souvenir shops and enjoyed our green tea and sushi (tamago sushi and ebi sushi for me along with orange soft drink; wasabi is too much for me but the tamago sushi was good XD)

I also ate snacks from these shops like dango, duck shaped thing with bean paste, chocolate filled fish shaped thing, and vanilla and strawberry icecream (yes in snowy weather it is also great!). In the ice cream shop we made a friend that we plan to go out with next next Wednesday as Wednesdays are her days off work and after tomorrow is not good for us (its Hatsune Miku concert in theatre day). She works in an icecream shop and likes old animes and visits akihabara, what is not to like about Asaka-chan? Japanese people are so cute. We took a pic with Japanese school girls who were so fun and excited i think theyre there on a field trip. They thought we are so beautiful and we thought they were so cute! Its so funny when each are admiring each other as we are from different nations and backgrounds! Also we took a pic with a guy and two girls they looked so cute and fit to be in a shoujo anime haha.

After reaching the Sensoji Temple and finishing Nakamise Street, it seems we reached there late as they close at 5 and it was 5:05 pm so sadly I couldnt see the insides of the temple. Mika put some coins and bought her luck and asked some school girls how to fold and wrap it on the walls, they are so cute and hyper loool

Finally, Miyaka threw some coins at the temple to pray for her wish. I was like Estaqfr Allah! loool but its all not serious we were just playing around ;p her wish was to come to Japan again and she was praying to Allah in a Buddah shrine loool how messed up is that?

We finally went back to our hotel at Shinbashi Station. Miyaka went to cut her bangs at a Japanese salon as for me I was wandering in Wave (music store), checked out whats new in Family Mart (surprisingly they change stuff daily!), and a stationary shop also nearby. Finally I went up and hanged out with Miyakas sister and her mom till Miyaka joined us. Talked to my parents in Kuwait and took a bath (shower and ofuro that made me sooo dizzy *^*) and now blogging my day here! I just have to transfer the pictures to my laptop from my cameras and then go to sleep. Ashita is Akihabara day! Hope it doesnt rain much as we plan otaku around XD Oyasuminasai hugunagu

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