[DRAMA CD] Love Celeb 2


Original Title: ラブセレブ ドラマCD 2
SHINJOU Mayu (新條まゆ)
Release Date: 2005/07/22

1. Zendaimimon na Casting  前代未聞なキャスティング
2. Bed In Panic! ベッド・イン・パニック!
3. Joyuu Toshite… 女優として…
4. Te ni Iraretai Mono 手に入れたいモノ
5. Kawattemo Kawaranai 変わっても変わらない
6. Daibousou 大暴走
7. Saikou no Mikoukai Scene 最高の未公開シーン
8. Fuyu no  Sonatina 冬のソナチネ
9. Fuyu no  Sonatina Shudaika “Love Celeb” 冬のソナチネ主題歌 「ラブセレブ」
10. Shinjou Mayu Sensei & Cast Zadankai 新條先生&キャスト座談会

Fujiwara Ginzou – Seki Tomokazu
Nakazono Kirara – Shintani Ryouko
Hanamaki Ryoutarou (Manager) – Okiayu Ryoutarou
Shirogane Masaki – Yamaguchi Kappei
Director – Kirii Daisuke
AD – Nakai Masataka
Producer A – Fukutoku Hajime
Producer B – Sakamaki Ryousuke
Producer C – Yasumoto Hiroki
Receptionist – Makino Yoshina
Female Staff Member – Akashi Kaori

Info on the manga: Manga-Updates
Download Link: Album

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How Many Painters Do We Really Know?


There are so many talented artists in the world that we don’t know the names of. We might have come across some of their works but the problem is most people don’t even care about the artist but just appreciate the art piece.  Isn’t it unfair? Maybe it is but it’s also a fact that some artists love to spend their lives behind the curtains because they think that’s when they are the most creative. So we could call it even, right?

All this artwork talk was for nothing. Have you ever heard of the name Rolf Armstrong? He happens to be the talented painter behind most  of the pin-up art pieces published in the first half of the 20th century. I don’t know how I do it really but I have stumbled on of the pictures he has made for Photoplay. That’s when I said  to myself “I have seen pictures like that. But I have never thought about the creator”.

A little search on Google Images will bring you tons of pictures like the ones below.

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[Korean] ㅢ sound


It must be hard to pronounce this sound for native English speakers but that isn’t the case for Turkish speakers. We have a similar sound that is written as “ı”. But Korean comes with all its sound changes and struggles.  ㅢ wasn’t any different. I realized that it is pronounced differently based on the place it is located. After a long search, I’ve found some useful sources on the net. I thought it would be nice to combine them in a page.  I have left out the ones that aren’t frequently used. There is no need to complicate things, right? XD

1- Word starts with 의 – pronounced the same way written.

2- Written with another consonant – pronounced asㅣ

3- ㅢ one after another – the second one is pronounced as ㅢ or ㅣ
의의 =  의의 or 의이

4- ㅢ is the second syllable – pronounced as ㅣ

5- 의 as a particle – pronounced as ㅔ

Source 2


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Original Title: 7 SEEDS 2 7SEEDS (-セブンシーズ-) 2
Tamura Yumi (田村由美)
Release Date: 2004/04/23

1. Natsu no Shou 4.Part “Arashi” – 夏の章 第4話「嵐」
2. Fuyu no Shou 1.Part “Tooboe” – 冬の章 第1話「遠吠え」
3. Fuyu no Shou 2.Part “Higan no Niji” – 冬の章 第2話「彼岸の虹」

Iwashimizu Natsu – Nanri Yuuka
Aota Arashi – Toriumi Kousuke
Asai Semimaru – Konishi Katsuyuki
Saotome Botan – Takashima Gara
Mozunoto – Inoue Kazuhiko
Tendou Matsuri – Matsuno Ikumi
Yamori Chimaki – MIKI
Kusakuri Hotaru – Tokunaga Ai

Aramaki Takahiro – Sasaki Nozomu
Samejima Fubuki – Hiyama Nobuyuki
Kagurazaka Mitsuru – Hisakawa Aya
Karezono Mutsuki – Nagano Yoshikazu
Kumakawa Sayuru – Kazuki Hiroto

Info on the manga: Manga-Updates
Download Link: Album (with pictures)

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NG Moments


ID Photos
I wish some staff members of production crew would read this post. I don’t know how they could overlook it. In most of the dramas, you get to see the character showing his ID card or CV. Normally, the character should have a regular photo. It seems the staff members are so lazy that they just attach the agency photo of that actor. Please don’t do that. It just doesn’t fit into the situation. XD If it were an old drama, I would understand it. But aren’t we in an era where we shouldn’t make such obvious mistakes?


Scandal 04
Do you know this actor, young lady?


Marry Him If You Dare 08

There are times when they don’t want to stuck to one photo. The photo could miraculously change in just one episode. XD


Scandal 06


Scandal 07
Do you like my new photo?

Blonde or White?
There is an evil character in the drama “Scandal”. Time passes and the characters age. It would seem like a normal process. But there is a big problem. How come this evil guy could have both blonde and white hair in successive scenes? I know that they have a busy schedule and they have to film as fast as possible but it just doesn’t look good when the guy’s hair color keeps changing like a chameleon. XD

PS. There are scenes where the color just wants to look pink. XD


07 – BlondeScandal.E07.130720.HDTV.XviD-KOR.avi_snapshot_00.39.31_[2013.11.02_22.00.57]07 – White


08 – Pinkish WhiteScandal.E08.130721.HDTV.XviD-KOR.avi_snapshot_00.12.06_[2013.11.02_22.45.17]08 – BlondeScandal.E08.130721.HDTV.XviD-KOR.avi_snapshot_00.13.48_[2013.11.02_22.47.44]08 – WhiteScandal.E08.130721.HDTV.XviD-KOR.avi_snapshot_00.55.16_[2013.11.02_23.37.09]08 – YellowScandal.E08.130721.HDTV.XviD-KOR.avi_snapshot_01.01.45_[2013.11.02_23.58.51]08 – Pinkish Yellow

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Awkward Shoujo Manga Scenes


One of my Mixi friends posted a page which has stupid Shoujo Manga scenes. I thought it would be interesting to share it here. XD I will translate the ones I find amusing. *_*

Dribble, everyone!

J: すごーーいっ!一糸乱れぬチームワーク。誰がドリブルしてるのかわかりませーん!
E: Awesome! They are banding together. No one knows for sure as to who is dribbling!

Want milk?

人殺しが!! この人殺しがァァ!! /  Murderer! You, murderer!
いや・・・・明さん  /  No… Akirasan.
今のはちょっと言いすぎた  /  I said too much.
すまない / I’m sorry.
ただちょっと母乳ごほしくて・・・・ / I just want to have some breast milk…

Contact lenses should fit in precisely!

The meaning of a kiss.

おまえに頼みがある!  /  I have a favor to ask of you.
・・・何? / What is it?
キスさせてくれ / Let me kiss you
・・・は? / Huh?

Source: http://hijikisokuhou.doorblog.jp/archives/7272701.html?p=3

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[Japanese] 『風立ちぬ』



…「作品を一言でいうならば?」という質問に、スタジオジブリ・鈴木敏夫プロデューサーが「宮崎駿の“遺言”」と表現したほど監督の集大成と呼べるこの『風 立ちぬ』。主人公の声をアニメーション監督の庵野秀明が抜擢されたり、約4分間にわたる劇場用予告編に「号泣した」「感動しすぎて、観た映画忘れた…」な ど、公開前からネット上でも大きな話題を呼んでいた。…

Reference link: http://www.rbbtoday.com/article/2013/07/20/110110.html


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[Japanese] ブラジルまでドリブル



[オリンピア(米ワシントン州) 14日 ロイター] 米ワシントン州シアトルからブラジルまで、サッカーボールをドリブルしながら旅していた男性が14日、道中で車にはねられて死亡した。旅立ってからわずか2週間の悲劇だった。


3月にスワンソンさんがユーチューブに投稿した映像によるとグラフィックデザイナーの仕事を失い、新たな職 も見つからなかったが、これを機に昔からの夢を叶えいとドリブルでの旅を思い立った。2014年にはブラジルでサッカーのワールドカップ(W杯)が開催される予定で、以前からW杯を見に行きたいと思っていたという




Kaynak: http://jp.reuters.com/article/oddlyEnoughNews/idJPTYE94E03Y20130515

ドリブルする: top sürmek
米男性 (べいだんせい): Amerikalı erkek/adam
道中 (どうちゅう): yolculuk sırasında/esnasında
途中 (とちゅう): yolda, yol üzeri (ortası)
~にはねる: bir şeye vurmak, çarpmak
旅立つ (たびだつ): yolculuğa çıkmak, yolculuğa başlamak
悲劇 (ひげき): trajedi
リュックサック: sırt çantası
寝袋 (ねぶくろ): uyku tulumu
詰める (つめる): sokuşturmak, koymak
西部 (せいぶ): batı yakası
同市 (どうし): aynı şehir
路肩 (ろけん): şarampol
投稿 (とうこう): göndermek, yüklemek
仕事を失う (しごとをうしなう): işini kaybetmek
職が見つかる (しょくがみつかる): iş bulmak
夢を叶える (ゆめをかなえる): hayalini gerçekleştirmek
思い立つ (おもいたつ): aklına gelmek
開催 (かいさい): açılış, düzenlenme
以前から (いぜんから): eskiden beri
追悼 (ついとう): anma
コメントを寄せる (よせる): mesaj yazmak


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